Our consultants work with our clients as partners or as a team within the organizations, providing advices and solutions that are shaped by individual unique needs and business context, and are designed to ensure that they get the best return on their HR investment.

Executive Search/Recruitment

We focus on the search assignment for an executive or recruitment, selection or placement of less senior personnel. We provide a value adding and cost effective professional service using specialised assessment and selection techniques where required to ensure that organisations acquire the most appropriate staffing for their needs. 

Permanent and Temporary Placements

We offer a full range of temporary, permanent, contract, and payrolling services for all industry sectors. Our professional team have a proven track record of matching qualified candidates to positions due to our extensive database and our rigorous screening and testing procedures.

Contract Outsourcing

Contract outsourcing is essential when a firm wants to complete a task in that they never want to rent new workers. We offers a versatile support that will respect the preferences, techniques and strategies of operating of a corporate. Our worker base is a combination of specialist and specialized workers in all industry. We able to improve good quality of the products and it will reduce the strain on HR division of hiring and keeping skilled experts

Corporate Training/Learning

We provide corporate training services and corporate management training which can shape run-of-the-mill manpower into highly operative teams. We cater customized and flexible training modules in terms of duration and syllabus.This benefits our client within the sales process and boosts their efficiency.

Knowledge Management

We offer clients to collect, organize and utilize the enterprise knowledge base to achieve shared intelligence, improved performance, competitive advantage and higher levels of innovation in their business operations.

Mentoring and Coaching

We offer Business Coaches, Mentors, and Facilitators who are skilled at working with our clients to help make their conference and professional development events unique and engaging. We offer fully tailored training and coaching programs, and can lead and facilitate workshops across a wide range of corporate topics and areas.

Team Building

We provide fun to strategic organizational performance services designed to energize, inspire, motivate and increase the performance of people and organization. Effective team building involves getting everyone on the same page and working in tandem to maximize results in organization.